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The Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science (YHYS) brings together the practitioners and users of environmental social science in Finland.

YHYS organizes annually a colloquium, a theme seminar and a science-policy workshop. The fall colloquium is Finland’s flagship international scientific meeting in the field of environmental social science. The Policy Dialogue is organized in collaboration with the Forum for Environmental Information, featuring dialogue between researchers, decision-makers and members of civil society on topical environmental policy issues. In addition, YHYS maintains an email list ( and publishes news on its home page. You can also follow YHYS on Twitter. YHYS membership is open to all scholars interested in environmental social science. Membership fee is 20 euros (reduced fee is 9 euros) and you can become a member by filling the application form.

Welcome to YHYS!

Jarkko Levänen
Chair of the YHYS board